12- DEERSKIN Leather Chamois for Native American Crafts Car Boat Motorcycle Detailing Lining Beadwork

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This listing is for one dozen (12) deerskin leather chamois.  Each dozen averages 9-12+ square feet total.  The 3" x 5" index card gives you a good ides of size/scale.  These are suede hides processed for use as car wipes.  They are excellent for detailing your car, wiping golf clubs, drying your boat, etc.  They are also perfect for use in crafts such as doll clothing, as lining leather, to make small bags, etc.  You will find tons of uses for them in your Native American, SASS, Beading, and other craft projects.




The pieces shown in the photo are not the exact ones you will be receiving.  We pulled a bunch from the bundle to photograph.   Because these pieces vary in size and shape there is no guarantee of the size, etc., of the ones you will receive.   If using them as wipes, rinse them before use in warm water.  Rinse out after use and air dry.  Wash with mild soap if needed.  Store dry. 




The photo shows the hide you will be receiving.  Only ONE can be ordered from this listing.  More are available in our store.  If we can help you find matching hides let us know and we will be glad to help.




We encourage you to put our years of leather craft experience to work for you. Unlike other leather dealers, we not only sell hides and craft supplies, but we are crafters too 

Feel free to email with any questions regarding this or any of our other items. If you are unsure if a particular hide will work for you, PLEASE contact us BEFORE ordering and we will do our best to help you out. We want to make sure you are getting a hide that is best suited for your project. Many times, it is a less expensive item than you planned to purchase.