8-10 oz BUFFALO Veg Tan Leather for Sheaths Journals Wallets Holsters Cases Western tack

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Now here is something different.  This is an awesome piece of full grain, veg tanned,  water buffalo, leather.  It is 8-10 oz. in weight, measures 6.25" x 11",  and is slightly firm and pliable. 

These hides are veg tanned then drum dyed.  The oil dye gives them a very unique distressed look.  Although they may look dark brown to start, once they are worked and broken in they have the great color variation you see in the photo marked "sample".  The look continually changes giving this new hide a great old-west look.  The look reminds us of the leather used in the old Air Force bomber jackets.  Because they are oil dyed, they do not take stamping well.


This piece is perfect for a one-time project or to experiment with new techniques.  Why buy a large hide when a piece will do.  

You will find countless uses for this leather including knife sheaths, wallets, belts,  midori style journals, holsters, assorted western tack,  bags, archery gear, and other many other craft projects.  


We encourage you to put our years of leather craft experience to work for you. Unlike other leather dealers, we not only sell hides and craft supplies, but we are crafters too 

Feel free to email with any questions regarding this or any of our other items. If you are unsure if a particular hide will work for you, PLEASE contact us BEFORE ordering and we will do our best to help you out. We want to make sure you are getting a hide that is best suited for your project. Many times, it is a less expensive item than you planned to purchase.