Large SMOKE BUCKSKIN Leather Hide for Native American Regalia Buckskin Clothing Pipe Bags Flute Bags Lacing Pouches Taxidermy Cosplay Costumes Mountain Man Rendezvous

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We have been getting requests for a darker version of our braintan buckskin hides. So here you go...

These large, commercially tanned skins are 2-3 oz. in weight (thickness), measure 8-9 square feet each, and are pliable. The grain has been buffed down (but not removed) to give them a soft mate feel/finish. We combine dyes to give them the look of smoked braintanned hides. They have not actually been smoked.

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The suede sides have been buffed as well so either side could be used.

The photos give you an idea of what some of the hides in this batch look like. You may not receive any of the exact hides shown.

These hides are slightly firmer than deerskin but can be used for the same projects. It will be great for flute bags, pipe bags, regalia, buckskin clothing, leather laces, medicine bags, journal covers, bookbinding, etc.

These skins are made to resemble brain tanned leather so some color variation, small blemishes, etc., are possible. They may vary in shape, shade, etc., from the photos.

These hides can be smoked to add to the look and smell.


We encourage you to put our years of leather craft experience to work for you. Unlike other leather dealers, we not only sell hides and craft supplies, but we are crafters too

Feel free to email with any questions regarding this or any of our other items. If you are unsure if a particular hide will work for you, PLEASE contact us BEFORE ordering and we will do our best to help you out. We want to make sure you are getting a hide that is best suited for your project. Many times, it is a less expensive item than you planned to purchase.