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About Distant Drums


The Story of Distant Drums

Back in 1994 we started working with leather as a hobby.  Like many hobbyists, we began to make items for sale at our local craft fairs, etc.  During this time we used numerous suppliers often paying way too much and not getting the best selection.  We were always on the look out for new sources and of course lower prices.

in 1996 were approached at one of our events by a leather dealer who was not only looking for new retail customers but for someone who would offer his hides directly to the retail market.   After reaching an agreement we started offering leather directly to the public.   We soon found out that there was a good demand for good quality, fair priced leather, in just about every market.  We started to branch out to new avenues including rendezvous, Native American Pow-Wows, and other outdoor events.  It didn't take long to see that pow-wows were the place for us.  

We have always been a family business. In the early days you would find Kathy and I loading up our RV with our 2 daughters, and piles of leather and hitting the road.  We traveled just about every weekend leaving work on Friday, arrving well after dark to set up for the weekend show.  Sunday night found us loading up the RV once again to get back home for work and school on Monday.  It was hectic to say the least.  But we loved it!

In the first year on the pow-wow trail, we met many wonderful people from all over the country.  We were welcomed with open arms and we not only built business relationships but life long friendships.  We went from being the "leather people" to dancers and drummers also.  Both Kathy and I have sat on many traditional drum groups and have danced with our children in dance circles across the US.  With so much on our plate we wondered if we could keep up with it all.

The following year, our leather supplier decided he had enough.  He wanted to finally retire and asked if we were interested in taking over the business.  It was time for us to take the plunge.  So beagn our full time leather business and the birth of Distant Drums.

As our children got older and there were more and more demands on ther time, we realized that a traveling business could not be a long term option.  So after a few more years, we settled down in Upstate New York and got to work forming our online store.  A warehouse and office were built and we continually expanded buying out smaller dealers and manufacturers. A third child sealed the deal and we no longer travel for business.

But we realized that to be successful we needed to stick to our roots.  We are crafters first and dealers second.  We work very hard to make sure our customers get the right hide and tool for their project at a fair price.  We are always happy to offer advice on what tool or hide to use or what techniques are needed to make your idea into reality.  Please, put our knowledge to use.  We are always happy to help.

Well...if you made it this far you have a pretty good idea of what we are about.  Our company is still family run and continues to look for